The Essence of Spiritual Light is Universal Love

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Over the past 45 years of Professional Experience many lessons have been learned.

Some clients need only someone to listen to them, while other clients need immediate Spiritual Intervention

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The Essence of Spiritual Light through these Portals allows the Light to penetrate the Darkness in many of Christi’s clients' lives.

This Spiritual Light has made a difference in the people that have been touched through the many radio and television shows that Christi has done

The New Time and Space we are entering, blends Business with Spirituality and a New Consciousness. We now focus not only on Profit, but how to benefit us all.

Business Speculations and Legal Outcomes are Special Sessions that are done upon request

"Mission Statement:

As we move into an age of Spiritual Awakening, the need for Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Guidance will grow and be more valuable than ever!

Learn from my unique abilities to manifest Spiritual Light into Darkness and to discern what is mind, body and /or soul imbalances or blockages. Using my Inner Spiritual Awareness Christi can reach deep into the root causes of your personal individual situations. Christi as your Spiritual Life Coach will offer many options and solutions for your Spiritual Journey.


As a Spiritual Facilitator Christi will assist you in becoming a Co-Creator in the field of conscious Spiritual Evolution. This will open your Heart to new ideas and deepen your Spiritual connection to the source. Spiritual Seekers need to find their Inner Power and Spiritual purpose.

Palm Reading

Tarot Cards

Crystal Reading

The Essence of Relaxation Audio
Clear the Subtle Energies That
Influence Our Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Introduction: How to use these techniques for the enjoyment of the whole experience. Simply select the technique that identifies with your energy or situation. Listen to the instructions and allow the music to move you.
  2. The Quiet Room: This is where you go to relax and find inner peace. All fears can be alleviated here.
  3. The reinforcement of Angels:  This technique shows you how to call upon the angel forces and feel the presence of the Love that they bring into our lives.
  4. The Chi Energy: A very non-evasive relaxation and energy enhancing technique to help you work with the subtle energy's of the universe and the one's in your body.

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