Is Intimidation Preventing Your Success?


Here is a subject that is not spoken of much and yet we can all find situations or things that intimidate us. There are so many categories that we tend to overlook them until we are confronted with them. Many times we just ignore our feelings and push forward. Many times we cannot perform at our best due to the intimidation.

Christis Portals Intimidation

Now what is the definition of Intimidation = Fear. Here below are some the categories;

Male VS Female Short VS Tall Slender VS Obese Drop out VS PHD

Physical Attractiveness VS No Physical Attractiveness Boss VS Employee

Chic VS Ordinary Clothing Shoes VS Latest Shoes New Vehicle VS Old Vehicle

Poor VS Wealthy Culture VS No Manners Successful VS Failure Right side of the tracks VS Wrong side of the tracks Public Speaking Making a large purchase

Intimidation BIG vs small

The thing to remember is that this is all based on how you see yourself and your beliefs. I have met several millionaires in Houston that wear old shirts and blue jeans and they are confident knowing that they have money and can fill most of their needs.